May 27, 2009


if you put something other than a pillow in a pillow sham, that's probably the biggest sham possible.


schoolpants said...

if you get in a pillow fight with those sham pillows (a shampillowfight), and the zipper hit you, and it caused you pain ... it would be shampain (champagne).

and if you bought some of that fake dog poo at the practical joke store, you could call that shampoo.

and if you bought a poodle. but it turned out to be something other than a poodle, it'd be a shampoodle.

and if someone did something to impress you, but you weren't really impressed, but you wanted to be polite, so you said "wow" just to avoid hurting their feelings, then that would be an insincere wow ... or a shamwow.

Amber Hollingsworth said...