Jun 16, 2009

IMs with coworkers

[13:45] amberica200: are you there?
[13:50] amberica200: maybe you died
[13:51] amberica200: in which case i won't send you the 50 cases of kumquats i ordered
[13:52] amberica200: from a poor kumquat farmer, who gets 8 cents a day from farming kumquats 4am to 8pm, 365 days a year
[13:52] amberica200: his wife is pregnant with their 6th child
[13:53] amberica200: she spends 12 hours a day de-stemming the kumquats after her husband brings them in
[13:53] amberica200: it has destroyed her once-delicate fingers
[13:53] amberica200: but these are the things you do for your family
[13:53] amberica200: though you hardly see them anymore
[13:54] amberica200: sometimes she wonders if this is all life has to offer
[13:55] amberica200: and if so, sometimes she wishes she was in that bag of kittens her brother sent to the bottom of the river when she was just a child.
[13:56] amberica200: she had named one of the kittens -- little kumquat. funny now, in a way. but not the kind of funny that makes you laugh.
[13:59] amberica200: OH MAN
[13:59] amberica200: i totally thought i was chatting my friend just now
[13:59] amberica200: ignore that
[13:59] amberica200: HAHAHAHAHA