Jun 18, 2009

When Reality Outdoes Imagination: Ob-Gyns

sometimes crappy jobs aren't entirely crappy. for example, i was a membership assistant for a national women's health organization in DC for a year. i filed shit, updated addresses, did mass mailings, got papercuts, etc. BUT! i got to browse the member database, and in my time there was able to put together a pretty great list of names of actual, practicing ob-gyns in the U.S. they are below:
  • Dr. Finger, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Weiner, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Prober, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Beavers, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Peeper, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Groening-Wang, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Pap, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Cucci, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Hyman, Ob-Gyn
  • Dr. Klitgaard, Ob-Gyn
i couldn't have made these up. reality wins.

(also when i worked at the movie theater i got free nachos so, you know. another example.)

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