Jul 21, 2009

things for sale: $1

here are some of the handmade things you can get on etsy for $1.

1) House magnet (3.5" x 2") featuring Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. (dibs)

2) Now this one's a little tricky: it's not yarns, but a SCREENSAVER with photos of yarns with messages typed over them. Yours for $1. The listing says "Picture size 1,8 Mt" so get ready for that to arrive in your inbox.

3) Your choice of depressing, awkwardly phrased animal-rights buttons.

(which slaughterhouse is offering $20 admission is what i want to know.)

4) Plastic beads melted into the shape of a kitten.

5) A hat clip. "You clip one end to your hat and the other to your shirt/jacket and you will not be chasing your hat in the wind. Great for boating, hiking, any activity where there is wind."

and that has been Things You Can Get For $1.

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