Aug 10, 2009


when i was little, whenever my sister and i would make mac n' cheese or spaghetti for dinner, we'd throw a different shaped noodle in there, and then whoever in the family got that noodle would be the winner.

today for lunch i made myself a box of shells & cheese from fresh & easy. i have been missing my sister a lot lately 'cause she's been in nicaragua all summer and i haven't talked to her in a couple weeks.

well i get to the bottom of my bowl and look at what i find:

an elbow noodle! i win. ♥

p.s. stuff like this happens to me just often enough that i have to think something really special is going on here.


Amber Hollingsworth said...

and THEN my sister called and it was the most magical day ever.

Nicholas! said...

magic is everywhere. "dummit" is my word verification for this post. no joke. i'll take a screengrab and post it. DUMMIT!