Aug 19, 2009


why do people from the past get to come up with all the good sayings? it's not fair. and i'm gonna do something about it. here are some new sayings for people to start saying, and they are from the freakin' present, man:

"You must CTRL+C before you can CTRL+V."

this is a saying about doing things in the right order.

"Sometimes, even if you have firepower, you have to get small again before you can get big."

this is a saying about mario bros and being ok with going backwards (figuratively, you can't go backwards in original mario bros) in life sometimes because that just means you'll have to find another mushroom and keep going. er whatever.

finally, "Not everybody has Facebook."

this is a saying about those who are less fortunate or who still like myspace for some reason.

i hope you can all start using these so we can show the past a thing or two about sayings. thank you.


Nicole P. said...

This is #1 on their list of ways to change your life.

Note: I saw your post first.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

yeah this blog is really at the forefront of, like, everything.

Ted said...

that article looks like how to set up a good wall of denial. I think a few drinks during step 4 would make the rest of the list just happen naturally.