Sep 16, 2009

new board game

OK, YOU put down how many cafts (cats00) you thinkg the other team has. the other team has to name their xats alphabegitcally, starting with the letter that matches th enumber they just rolled ont he dice so like 10 is J. DO NOT LOOK AT THE CATS. when the name of the first cat matchees the number that team A put down, you gaet a point. points are used for winning. the game. 17 pointws are necesary but i will accept multipbles of 17, or factors either one. not a problem. after the game, all the contestandts have to go outside and mail aletter o each ohther's moms, withouth spesifying who it is they are mailing in the letter. whoevers mom makes it to the home plate first wins.

GUYS: this is after one beer, i'm not kidding. well also i made a pact with myself to type and not ever hit the backspace button once. also i'm laying really weird on my left arm -- my typing usually isn't that bad. ok now my arm is falling asleep, goodnight!

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