Oct 8, 2009

BLOG CONTEST!! Enter to WIN! (any other reason for entering is just a waste)

i need a way to describe my blog to strangers. so far "it's just thoughts and bad photoshop" has not really resulted in any new readers.

preliminary suggestions have included:
"it's sort of like if demetri martin had a sit-down comedy routine, online... before he got really good and famous... and he wrote as if he were a girl and slightly cuter. to an audience of like 18 instead of millions."


"just describe someone else's blog you really like but give them the address to yours."

both very good suggestions that i actually might use. but see if you can outdo them! the winner will receive me getting more blog hits maybe which makes me happy and when i'm happy i make cookies sometimes. so, pretty good.

NOTE: flattery will get you nowhere. you should know that about me by now.


Phil said...

To "win" with your blog you really need to step up your marketing. You need to give a vista print business card to everyone you meet.


Also...if you want more people to visit your site, just tell them that you have naked pictures on your website...but don't tell them that they are of the fat guy that lives next door (p.s. how did you get those pictures? Kinda creepy.)

Ted said...

whoa Phil, good call with the naked pictures idea. why didn't i think of that? so simple and effective. i like the idea up to the fat guy part. let's let him keep his privacy.

amber, maybe you should print out that picture with the chandelier hanging off of the jeans and just say "it's hard for me to describe but one time this was on it, so ...". that would have worked on me