Oct 9, 2009

i have a queso for you:

did you know my sister is pregunta?!

(i know you all know, it's just that the daddy's nicaraguan so i'm practicing my spanish so whether the baby comes out american or nicaraguan i can communicate with it. i am going to be SUCH A GOOD AUNT.)


Lora said...

you are just going to confuse him/her.

Nicole P. said...

Lora is a question? Or Lora is questionable? What are you trying to say.

Don't molest her. (That's a joke more for Lora since you goin' go makin' fun o spanglish and shit.)

Lora said...

Haha! I get it, Nicole! Molest is funny. I tried to explain what that word meant in English to them once... good times.