Oct 29, 2009

memories and discoveries

when i was in elementary school, one of my teachers was talking about Saddam Hussein (we were discussing current events), and she said "I call him So Dumb and Insane." and i will probably remember that for the rest of my life. i also just remembered that he's dead now.

on the other hand, i used to think that Slobodan Milošević was a made-up name used to describe a person who was moving slowly, like if there was someone going 45mph in front of you on the freeway you'd say "What a Slobodan Milošević!" and go around. i didn't really get it but i liked it and used it. then i heard the name on NPR and figured he was a real person. i just found out that he's dead too. he and So Dumb actually had quite a bit in common i'm learning, including crimes against humanity and having pretty large foreheads.

isn't life funny sometimes?

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