Oct 28, 2009

you do not even need that

have you guys seen Bumpits? they are the volumizing inserts that stay firmly in your hair for "Hollywood Hair in just minutes!"

well i like them and everything but they are $9.99 (+S&H)! so i did what any resourceful flat-haired girl would do and i made my own.

special thanks to my model, emilie, whose hair looks super Hollywood if i do say so myself:

can you believe you can get that look for free? i know it's pretty amazing guys.


KK said...

i can see your cardboard. you need to spray paint it in various colors, like i've seen at bed, bath and beyond. then, i'd be sold.

Ted said...

the lens flares are to these photos what spices are to a properly spiced dish.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

thank yooooou!

Kizito said...

Hii Emilie,
This is real wow!!! It is amazing what human beings can do!
I would like my short Ugandan hair to look like that. Teach us how the cardboard is made and how it works. Bravo.
Kizito in Uganda.