Nov 30, 2009

pretty generous with the hahas

so i searched "haha" in my gmail and there are SO MANY results that google couldn't even tell me. they were just like "thousands. there are thousands of hahas in your gmail."

on the other hand, i've only used the word "mayonnaise" in my gmail/gchats twice, and once was in an email to myself titled "don’t let anyone see this poem. DO NOT SEND IT TO ANYONE."

good call, self!


t_bone said...

i wonder how many hahahas there are (the triple). a lot i bet. hey can you send me the poem about the mayonnaise?

Amber Hollingsworth said...


1. who is this?
2. no i'm sorry, i cannot. it's very private, about unrequited love and landlords and the dirty projectors. and mayo.