Dec 11, 2009

but i want you to know

that even if i die some regular way, like car crash or murder or being too close to a building that is being demolished, that i have had a GREAT life, like seriously one of the best i can imagine. like family and childhood and FRIENDS and adventures and college and adulty years... so many great moments stuffed in there, i kind of don't even bother thinking about the lame ones most of the time.

i am probably getting all sentimental BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM NOW 28!! which makes everything totally different.

you can go ahead and wish me happy birthday but i want you to know the first person to officially wish me a happy birthday on my birthday was ted, at 12:30am as we walked back to his car off H St in DC, after eating some of the coolest sushi i've ever eaten, seeing a drag queen host a holiday-themed burlesque show, and beating ted so many times at jenga (he even lost reverse jenga, which he thinks is technically a win, but :-F).

i also wanted to talk about my (so far) favorite nonsense present, A PICTURE OF A BIRD AND A FISH TOGETHER from nic. it's for me and for dodger all in one. it's the best.

anyway, i'm just really excited about 28. i kinda hope i don't stand too close to any about-to-be-demolished buildings.