Dec 15, 2009


this is a story about twins who had regular names like karen and katie or something. they were from the middle of this country where as long as you had the same initial initial, you could get by just fine as twins.

well one day katie and karen moved to a city on the edge of the country, where all the twins had meaningful names like hope and destiny, america and asia, rose and daisy. they no longer felt ok. they felt like they needed meaningful twin names too.

so karen and katie changed their names to ambition and smoothie. ambition and smoothie started an indie band and they played gigs at little venues in their neighborhood. smoothie liked shoes so she designed her own shoe line and sold them at little boutiques in their neighborhood. ambition did poetry readings at little coffee shops in their neighborhood. ambition and smoothie were pretty successful with their new, meaningful twin names.

one day ambition and smoothie went back to the middle of the country to visit their family for the holidays. everyone kept calling them katie and karen, which they didn't like but when they tried to correct people, people would just chuckle at them.

they went back to LA or NYC or whatever and all of a sudden they couldn't get any more gigs at the local venues. smoothie's shoes stopped selling and ambition just stopped writing poetry -- she didn't feel like it anymore. they just kind of sat around like normal people not feeling special at all.

the moral of this story is it's hard to be twins and why do parents get to pick our names anyway? i've never really felt like an amber, but it's kinda too late and i certainly don't feel like a smoothie. actually i take that back a smoothie sounds pretty good right now.

and this is what you get when i feel like i haven't blogged enough for you people lately. CRUD.

well here's a picture of ambition and smoothie and i don't care what you think:


ilovebabyquilts said...

Cute post! I vote for your new name to be Pancake Fieldmouse.

Check out my blog today!

Amber Hollingsworth said...

hahahah DONE.

oh my gosh!! i'm so excited to see them all together :-D

ok all those hours searching and emailing you questions was totally worth it. i can't wait to see the final product!