Jan 22, 2010

results: negative

sometimes i think i live in LA just to have the weirdest experiences possible before i die. last night i went to an evening of experimental music at a local theater, and saw a band (band?) that was a bassist and 2 drummers, one of whom drummed with a fork and a stainless steel bowl, the other with about 30 toys/objects and 2 pennywhistles hanging out of his mouth.

anyway this got me wondering what it's like to date someone in a band/band? like that. how do you show your support afterwards when they come off stage? like "that was great! you looked SUPER awkward up there, and the audience was visibly uncomfortable. good job!" and then when he asks you what your favorite part was, you say "gosh, i guess it would have to be when all your cymbals fell over and it didn't even matter!"


John Schoenkopf said...

You're the funniest person who ever lived. I found this from a comment you left on larecord.com (I work for them) and read like two whole pages of this blog. You rule! Although I think you may have subconsciously ripped off one of my medical marijuana reviews (the Taco Bell thing) from the September issue of LA Record (the one with Dublab on the cover). I swear there's some verbatimness going on. Nevertheless, you are the funniest person who ever lived. :D

Amber Hollingsworth said...

john schoenkopf!! i see your name on la record junks too!! thanks for reading my blog, and then commenting on it.

dude tell me what you wrote in your review, because that would be NUTS because i don't really "read" "la record" "per se." i mean, i do, sometimes. just never the marijuana reviews, like ever. so if we wrote the same thing that would be like, whoa [zoom to outer space where galaxies are being born and new dimensions make our brains explode upon comprehension].

John Schoenkopf said...

OK, copy/paste magic, from when I sent it into the big Z for publishing! Skip to the end.

I pride myself on smoking an unfathomable amount of pot. Really, an unconscionable amount. So much that my tolerance to the stuff is through the roof. I can consume any amount of THC and have it go unnoticed by the masses. So when Justin and Markus from 4Ever20, a new dispensary on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, started extolling the legitness of their new Blackberry Kush, I paid little heed. Yes, it looked amazing, like it had little pieces of broken up glass all throughout it. And yes, it smelled delicious, like hot blackberry syrup all fruity and sugary. But so do lots of other strains, and they all pretty much leave me feeling normal. It's a generally fruitless endeavor: finding a strain that's head and shoulders a cut above everything else being smoked in Los Angeles.

So I took it home without giving it much thought, and what happened next shocked me. I was coughing all over myself, but I didn't mind. I was confused, yet very hungry. Great Scot, I was high.

It seems like it's been years since I've gone through the various stages of stonerdom: call my mom to report on something trivial, spend $7 at Taco Bell, fall asleep on the couch with a computer on my lap, wake up the next day with a pot hangover still not quite sure if the nug on the table is safe for daytime use, throw away last night's uneaten half-burrito, or if I'm really in a funk, finish it off. I'm telling you, there's something special about the Blackberry Kush at 4Ever20. It's a generally fruitless endeavor: finding a strain that's head and shoulders a cut above everything else being smoked in Los Angeles so when something's around that truly fits that description, it's worth the drive.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

wow. taco bell, making the impossible possible.

nice use of Great Scot, btw.