Jan 28, 2010

not funny

i don't understand why just because i say ONE FUNNY THING once on this blog everything else i say has to be consistently as funny or funnier from then on. well listen up: this post isn't funny.

i love my sister and we had the best childhood together. look at those dogs. and mom-embroidered walmart sweatshirts. and that country wallpaper trim. i think that might be dog pee on my sleeve but i don't care. look at those smiles.

we would go ride our bikes together for HOURS and in the summer we'd walk down the ditch to A&W for ice cream cones -- she liked chocolate or swirl and i liked vanilla. one time she cut her foot on a piece of glass in the ditch, but she was ok. we were supposed to make a movie starring our troll collection, too. anyway i just think it was pretty much the greatest thing having her around, even though one time i played this uncharacteristically sneaky trick on her that went like this:

lora was on this kick of applying the "anna banna bo banna banana fanna fo fanna, me mi mo manna, anna" rhyme to every word i said. it had been going on for a couple days i think and was getting a little annoying, so being the clever wordsmith that i am, said the word "truck!" just as she approached the f part, called out "MOM!!" she didn't get in trouble though and my mom just looked at me suspiciously. oh well.



linzi said...

i sorta think it's funny though.

i mean at least your glasses

Amber Hollingsworth said...

HA! touché.

Lora said...

that was a pretty bad look, sis.

and yet you didn't even know it you were so happy with your dog-peed Pamida sweater.

ilovebabyquilts said...

Sweet story! My sister always had the grape slushies and I always had blue raspberry.