Jan 28, 2010

oh and also

lora used to beat the crud out of me! i was always afraid to hit her back so she would just come wailing and biting and pulling hair... MEAN! i remember being terrified because she'd be trying to bite my face or something and i would just hold her forehead back with the palm of my hand as hard as possible and try and duck away before my arm muscles gave in.



Lora said...

those were love pats.

Phil said...

My brother used to pin me down on the ground and spit in my mouth. :/

Also, one of my brother's classic moves was to randomly punch, when I would start to cry my mom would come running over and my brother would start asking me what happened. My mom thought I was totally nuts. :/

Ted said...

my sister used to annoy me to the brink of insanity just to try to make me push or hit her so she could get sympathy from my mom and laugh at me for getting in trouble. this was her favorite game for years.
i think thats where i get my patience and even temper.

duncess. said...

my mother used to get tired of breaking up our fights, so one day she just told us to fight until we finished. we didnt fight after that.