Feb 26, 2010


so sorry for the lack of posts but listen! remember a few weeks back when i said that that day was going to be huge and stay tuned? well you've been super patient or uninterested so you get a prize! knowledge.

the reason i have been a bad blogger lately is that THIS WAS MY LAST WEEK AT MY JOB OMG AAAH!!! today is officially my last day AAAH!!! and the other part is i'm moving to portland EEEEK!!! please be happy for me! i am happy about it.

see what happened is i am super lucky to have such an awesome friend up there who is letting me live in her awesome house, wow. and then we have this other awesome friend, she lives on the east coast and she's gonna come visit so we can all golden girl each other, but she won't live with us because she actually has a REALLY nice husband who treats her pretty good so i understand. but the thing is i just feel really good, guys, and i love you all no matter where you are and where i am and with technology and airplanes these days it doesn't even really matter.

anyway, get ready to have your bloggin' eyes blogged off 'cause i am BLOGGED (pumped).


Amber Hollingsworth said...

my other really good friend here in LA, i really like her blog because i like the way she writes using "guys" and "the thing i'm thinking" or things like that, i like how she does that. and WE have a friend who's coming to VISIT LA this weekend 'cause it's his birthday and boy do i have some raw fish in store for him!

this is really exciting.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

also i have a few coworkers who are just the coolest people a girl could ask to work next to 40 hrs a week, so cool we even hang out in addition to those 40 hours! i am going to miss spending 40+ hours of my week with them : (

but we'll always be friends i know it : )

Amber Hollingsworth said...

ok i'm really exited. i'm gonna try to get some sleep now.


Moving Moxie Pilates LLC said...

Awesome blog! Have an amazing last day at work. Sock it to them gurl!

Phil said...


linzi said...

Aw, you're great Amber. I'm gonna really miss you.

But yeah! Technology! And last days of work! That's great!