Mar 22, 2010

hola, it's moi (bullet #6: i'm trilingual)

i've been applying for some jobs in portland lately and i thought i should update my blog in case any potential employers google me and find it. so here are things you, potential employer, should know about me, potential employee:
  • i am one of the best employees you'll ever halve.
  • "i have between 70 and 85 earth-shattering business ideas every day. by breakfast." -that is an example of the type of quote i can find on the internet.
  • i love nature -- i would NEVER paint the segments of an armadillo shell in rainbow colors.
  • there's nothing i can't do with a little perseverance, creative thinking, and unlimited time, money, and resources. and superhuman powers. NOTHING.
  • i know where all the keys on every U.S. keyboard are -- i don't even have to look. i don't have statistics on how many keys i know the precise location of, but i'm guessing it's in the billions.
i think you'll find that my skills and knowledge fit really well into a bulleted list, and i look forward to hearing from you soon!

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