Mar 15, 2010

new thing: cadbury egg salad sandwich

at first i felt guilty for wasting a whole cadbury egg and two slices of bread for the sake of a blog post, but then i realized i'm going to eat this.

step 1: microwave your peep for approx. 30 seconds until deformed

step 2: spread it on your bread (do this really fast 'cause it hardens quicker than you'd think)

step 3: get your egg

step 4: mash it up in a clear bowl so you can see it. getting hungry, huh?

step 5: spread it onto your bread

step 6: enjoy!


Ted said...

whoa offer for guest chef position at "notes cafe" officially extended

Amber Hollingsworth said...

i'm there. you can try my Hot Tamales... tamales.

duncess. said...

i like how you made the sandwich on wheat bread.

super-vegetarian said...

Can you vegan-ize this recipe?

me again said...

I just laughed for like ten minutes at this.

I think this is my new favorite thing.

kasey said...

I'm torn by this. I fell in love with this sandwich as I read the description, but the pictures look like you mixed low grade hamburger with French's mustard.