Mar 3, 2010

big day!

sorry again for the lack of posts, i was really busy

it feels so great, having worked so hard on something for the past 9 months, planning, preparing, resting a lot, eating whatever i craved, bossing people around. but now, it's all worth it, because i've got a little nephew to play with FOREVER!

i don't have any pictures of him yet but he kinda looks like this:

happy birthday, john!!


ponderhead said...

John's mom was worried about having an epidural for her delivery but Amber's mom had an epidural and she has.....a really nice personality!

Amber Hollingsworth said...

hahahahaha i was actually going to post that but it's better coming directly from you, gramps.

man this kid's so lucky.

schoolpants said...

his turban is on upside-down.

congratulations on the baby.

my word verification is derterm.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

thanks, schoolpants!

i get it, like "i am so dertermerned to have a good day today, nothing can get in my way!"