Apr 27, 2010

april showers bring may flowers

where showers = lack of blog posts and flowers = abundance of blog posts.

seriously though guys what is wrong with me? 10 posts in a month? that's just so... pathetic i don't even want to look at myself but let me tell you, it's awful hard to type without seeing your arms and hands out in front of you.

just as an excuse though, i have to say moving is really hard. you have to get situated in your new space, which means buying all new hangers and building your own office chair (the Moses from IKEA is an absolutely sufficient piece of seating), you have to do the dishes kinda regularly so your new roommates don't know what a slob you are, and you have to tell your cats to get out of those cupboards like EVERY DAY.

but i feel like today was maybe a turning point for me. first, i landed my 2nd interview (woo!), then i went out to this cool little neighborhood with some friends, then some kind strangers guided my car out from behind a double-parked semi -- it was so tricky i had to get out and give them high-fives when we finished. then i went to UPS and the lady talked to me as if she was genuinely interested in my life, then i went to a store and asked the cashier about another store and she gave me directions saying, "it sounds a bit complicated but it's not too far" (it was approx 2 miles away and the directions were a left followed by another left). on my way home i got lost but i figured it out and in the meantime saw 3 rainbows between the greenest trees across the bluest sky you ever did see and well heck if i didn't feel like this was that miracle i've been expecting. or, more like i don't even need the miracle anymore -- this is good enough.

well, that's not very funny but what i'm saying is sometimes things just turn around for you right when you need them to. ALSO come to portland -- by the time you get here i'll probably have a glitter pony unicorn we can fly around town on.



Phil said...

I'm super happy for you! I'm glad you were able to find a place that you enjoy so much! Aren't trees and weather awesome? I think I would have liked LA more if they had them.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

aw phil i knew you'd know what i'm talkin about! : )

Emi_LIE! said...

A glitter pony unicorn...I'm there! :D

Lora said...

is it may yet?