Apr 1, 2010

blogstopdotcom says bye!

well, this is a bittersweet blog post for me -- it's my last one. i want you all to be happy for me though because my life has come together in an almost unbelievable way.

most of you know i moved from LA last week. before i could move into my new place in portland, i had to stay in monterey for a week (where my parents live). this was supposed to be just a temporary stop, but miracles never fit into your existing plans, do they? that's why they're called miracles. the funniest part is -- and some of you may remember me talking about this -- my parents and i went to a psychic here in monterey last year and she told me i'd experience a miracle this spring! i hadn't given it much thought but now i can say that was the best $20 i've ever spent.

let me explain: on the way to the whole foods to get some pasta sauce monday afternoon, i was stopped in my tracks mid-parking lot. no, i didn't get hit by a car (though my heart had nearly the same reaction) -- i got hit by cupid's arrow. his precisely shaped beard, his suspenders and checkerboard shirt tucked neatly into his black slacks, those world-worn hands... trust me it was as unexpected for me as it is for you to be reading this right now! ladies and gentlemen, i am in love with a hutterite.

he's so kind and gentle, jakob is. he barely speaks a word to me, yet i know his love is genuine. and another miracle: jakob is only temporarily in monterey! he's originally from montana, which many of you know is one of the places i truly consider home, and hopes to return there within the year. while we can't technically marry until back in the hutterite community, i must start living as a hutterite woman now. it will be difficult, staying at my parents' place without exposing myself to modern technologies such as computer, tv, and digital clocks, but for jakob i will try. jakob and i will continue to meet in a public location once a week to discuss our family plans and my new household responsibilities. when i look into his eyes, which hopefully someday is a gesture he'll be able to return, i can just tell our first hand-to-hand contact will be electrifying. well, not electrifying, that might violate some of their anti-technology practices i think, but really exciting. not visibly so, though, of course.

anyway, if any of you know me at all, you know about my longing to return to a simpler, quieter lifestyle. while i'm sure i'll miss communicating with you all on facebook and via text message, i know my true friends will find a way to stay in touch. i'll send you all my address once i'm settled in our montana community, though don't expect immediate response because hutterites don't use the USPS, they have their own service -- horse run -- and all incoming mail is reviewed by the council of brethren before delivery. i'll also miss sushi, music featuring instruments, and basic women's rights, but when true love finds you, your priorities just change. anyone who has experienced this will understand.

with that, i bid you all a heartfelt auf wiedersehen! and if you need a hand-sewn shirt (long-sleeve only), you know who to mail!

your former blogger,


out and proud pooper said...

i believed you for a second and was pretty devastated.

This was a really good post.

duncess. said...

well, i dont know you well enough to know if youre lying or not, but if you are telling the truth I wish you every happiness. notice i said "lying" and not "joking", as i dont think that this is funny. This is funny: "Why dont rabbits make noise while they have sex?" (you say "why?".) Because they have "cotton balls"!

Anyway, good luck where youre at and where youre going. hopefully our paths'll cross again. *sobs

Emi_LIE! said...

I know you are joking! You love us (and that laptop of yours) too much to do something drastic like that. :)