Apr 18, 2010

i'd like to start a band

-wagon. it's a band that fits in a wagon. it's a little red radio flyer so the band can't be that big, maybe a singer and a guy on the bongo drums, with a harmonica. and they sit in the band-wagon, and i pull them around town, on all the side streets and around town, and the band just makes up new songs as we go so i don't get real sick of hearing the same thing over and over.

and the singer, carlos, his throat gets real dry because he's going around in the sun singing all day, so we stop at a little table where two girls are selling lemonade for 25¢ a cup, and we all have some and go on our way, and i say to the girls "thanks for supporting the band-wagon!" they don't get it.

some of the songs are really bad, carlos and damien's. but what did i expect? they're just two guys who got into a radio flyer and started making music together. neither of them classically trained or, as far as i can tell, with any musical experience whatsoever. but i just keep pulling them around, listening to their dumb songs and carlos complaining that the wagon hurts his backside.

sometimes i wonder why i get myself into these situations in the first place.


duncess. said...

sometimes i think of starting a band. but thats only so i can name it. just today i came up with two boss band names. "Gello Mentalman" and "refried beans for baby". Debut album title? "A man. A plan. A canal. Your mom."

Amber Hollingsworth said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA my god those are amazing. i would be president of that fan club just so i could say that name a billion times.

duncess. said...

Youre hired! "To the tshirt-smith!" and i think we should refer to them like theyre a real band. create a whole legend around them. facebook status: "Osiokeh is stoked for the 'refried beans for baby' summer tour! better polish my castanets." 1st comment: "Are they any good? i couldnt find anything about them online" reply: (*insert lie)

Emi_LIE! said...

You know I once saw a band in front of the House of Blues on Sunset that managed to stuff themselves into an old VW bus and still play. There were like 5 people all rocking out in the back it was pretty cool. Plus the bus was spitting out bubbles the whole time and added to the neato factor. Anyways your story reminded me of that so I just thought I should share this to let you know it probably can be done! :)