Apr 13, 2010


Don't you hate all the time and energy it takes to play with your cat?

Well why do you have a cat then? What's wrong with you?

Anyway, INTRODUCING new* Laser Pointer Taped To Your Cat! It's a laser pointer TAPED to your cat!


Endless fun without the hassle! Your cat will be annoyed that it can't catch that damn little dot for HOURS! Watch him jump up walls, run around in circles, and try his hardest to get the tape off his head. Hahahaha.

Now you can get back to YOUR life without having to worry about your cat sitting at home being depressed, wishing you never adopted him from the pet store Adoption Days because you didn't think about what it really means to own a pet.

Laser Pointer Taped To Your Cat! Get yours today.

1 comment:

Moving Moxie Pilates LLC said...

That second photo of you is parTicularily hilarious.