Apr 16, 2010

not feeling well

guys lately i have NOT been feeling well and i don't know what's wrong! so i turned to my handy guide, the internet, and think i may have narrowed it down. the cool thing about the internet is you can just pick and choose your symptoms and corresponding conditions, which is what i've done below:
  1. Po(ta)ss(i)um Deficiency: i am definitely not getting enough possum in my diet.
  2. Bipolarbear Disorder: personally i don't think being bi is a "disorder," but i guess being a polar bear might be an issue...
  3. Incontinence: i dunno, i mean i've mostly been in the U.S. lately but i did go to Europe that one time...
  4. Angina: definitely, yep. was born with this one.
  5. Athlete's Foot: i must be missing mine! this is why i got Cs in gym class growing up!
  6. Tennis Elbow: also missing.
  7. Hot Flashes: every once in awhile i catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, yes. HAHA just kidding guys. no but really i'm kind of good looking.
so yeah, now that i've got that all figured out i can start eating more possum, watch for any growths of white fur and attraction to other females, and try not to travel internationally for awhile. thanks, internet! i'm feeling better already : )

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