Jun 14, 2010

math patterns

here is something i've noticed that leads me to believe there's something going on with buses they're not telling us:
  • if i leave my house to catch the bus EXACTLY on time, i am RIGHT on time for work.
  • if i leave my house just 30 seconds late, i am 12 minutes late to work!
now i have not tested further coordinates, but if i take one of the more common graphs out of a math book, it appears that buses have some mystical time-warping powers so that if one day i left my house just 10 minutes late, i would get to work approximately, like, 3 months late.

on the other hand, if i left early i could get to work in the past!

"hey, who did all the filing?" -boss
"i did!" -me [not true: because it doesn't exist yet.]


Phil said...

Hehe, time travelling awesomeness!!!

Radiators Illinois said...

Thank you for writing thiss