Aug 31, 2010


sometimes blog posts come to me in my dreams, and 99% of the time i wake up disappointed in how juvenile my subconscious sense of humor is ("get it? it has the word "butt" in it!!"). but last night i knew i was onto something because immediately after i invented Inceptios, the cast of Saved By The Bell came together for a live reunion show! they had a whole dance routine (on their knees so they wouldn't look too tall for the lockers behind them), and screech forgot his lines. after the show, my family and i went grocery shopping and saw that screech worked at the meat counter. my mom texted me from another aisle to ask if i thought we should let a neighbor or someone know that screech works at the meat counter because he may be suicidal.

anyway i woke up feeling pretty good about blogging today!

A new cereal by Christopher Nolan

Aug 24, 2010

*which there ISN'T

if there's one thing i like about bugs,* it's that they don't give a crap about what they wear.

horizontal stripes

black and brown together

trucker hat