Oct 2, 2010

thiiiiiink abouuuuuut itttttttt...

you know, every halloween we put pumpkins on porches, but i bet pumpkins think they put us inside houses. i mean, as far as they know, the only reason we HAVE porches is so they have a place to sit each year. we go to school, we get jobs, we save up, and we buy houses JUST so we can put them on our porches. and really, isn't that kiiiiind of true? don't we all kiiiiind of do everything we do for the sake of pumpkin comfort and satisfaction? isn't our whole lives just one big tribute to pumpkins? aren't we all walking around just waiting to sacrifice ourselves, our children, and our children's children to a pumpkin whenever it commands with just the slightest of indications? i mean that's preeeeeetty much how it is, right? you guys think that?

anyway i'm really looking forward to halloween this year!

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