Feb 3, 2011


here's how much of a lightweight i am buys (guys): i had one small glass of wine WITH DINNER and i am telling you right now i would not be ok to operate a motored vehicle. put me on a sailboat though and i would be captain jack dawson! not, i would probably drown AND wreck a sailboat. who put me on a sailboat? GUUUUYS!

anyway i just wanted to say 1) how awesome everything is and 2) people as well. for real, today i got adobe CS5 suite on my personal laptop because i work at a university where if you do work from your personal computer sometimes you get all the same software from your work computer installed on your home computer WHOA. i know right? so that was free, and then i made salmon which was ok and while i was doing the dishes i was just thinking about all my favorite people, which you are one of! them. for. quotes?

well, that's all for tonight. i'm gonna watch 2-3 more episodes of Peep Show and comb my cats who have maybe one flea, two max. that's it. don't worry about it.

love you!

*EDIT i am not watching Peep Show i am watching Douchebag which is a movie my friend andrew stars in and it is HILARIOUS. you can rent or buy it on itunes right now, please consider that.


duncess. said...

i think peep show's been commissioned for 2 more seasons! and if you like peep show, you'll maybe like "the inbetweeners". I say maybe because you could possibly not like it. Your loss though. because it's hilarious.

Ted said...

ok, i know this is an old post but i suffer from the compulsion to tell people when they like the same things that i like on the internet.
HEY INTERNET, peep show is the best show ever, seriously.