Apr 7, 2011

i bet you guys have been wondering where i am

i'm right here.

but the reason i haven't been blogging as much is because a) twitter is funner and b) i'm working really hard on my standup routine! that's right, i'm going to do it! i have my first gig all lined up... april 20... at the... EMPLOYEE TALENT SHOW!!

after all, i was voted Most Likely To Be The Funniest Girl At Her Future Place Of Employment (Category: Office Environment). just look at me now!


Laura said...

Well it's official, Amber is awesome. She totally dominated the employee talent show with her stand up routine / PowerPoint slides. Way to go Amber.

Amber Hollingsworth said...

yaaay! LAURA is awesome though and she is just being kind, which is your only real option when you blow an entire room's minds with your talent. "bloop!"