Nov 27, 2011

you people disgust me.

so as you might've guessed from the last post, i have reason to believe that i might be a victim of googling. that's right, GOOGLING. so i checked my site analytics and discovered a bizarre set of clues as to what kind of person might be looking for me, and let me tell you what -- i am slightly uncomfortable right now. get your sleuth hats on, sherlocks: i present to you, Exhibit A: Google Search Terms That Led To My Blog:
  • sad pizza
  • hutterite in a blue chair
  • pizza sad
  • seth macfarlane in tight pants
  • girl eating a bunny
  • funny textes photos (typo?)
  • mr. potato head face
  • examples of people in a friendship (ok that one's nice, i'm glad you ended up here)
  • amber hollingsworth cleaning (EXCUSE ME)
  • person licking cheeto fingers (yeah alright)
  • gwen latifah
  • let's date
yeah we'll see about that last one, googler-of-questionable-interests...

Nov 23, 2011

Amber Lee Hollingsworth: A Google Result

I wanted to note (to anyone Googling me in 2016 for professional purposes) that I was much younger when I wrote this post and I would never use the word "buttcheeks" in a post about myself today. 

Butt cheeks is actually two words.


Here's just some quick information about me in case you were to look up "Amber Lee Hollingsworth" or "Amber Hollingsworth" or "Amber Hollingsworth Portland" online for any reason:
  • I am a professional person and I have some great work ethics/outfits.
  • As you can tell, I am very familiar with putting things on the internet.
  • Only about 2... 3 max of my blog posts have pictures of buttcheeks in them. In comparison, nearly 7 billion people worldwide have actual buttcheeks. You do the math (it's up to you what symbol to put between those two numbers to obtain the result of your preference).
  • I know how to reverse-Google.
  • Here's a picture of my cats:

amber hollingsworth's cats
Thanks for reading!
-Amber "Amber Lee Hollingworth" Hollingsworth