Nov 27, 2011

you people disgust me.

so as you might've guessed from the last post, i have reason to believe that i might be a victim of googling. that's right, GOOGLING. so i checked my site analytics and discovered a bizarre set of clues as to what kind of person might be looking for me, and let me tell you what -- i am slightly uncomfortable right now. get your sleuth hats on, sherlocks: i present to you, Exhibit A: Google Search Terms That Led To My Blog:
  • sad pizza
  • hutterite in a blue chair
  • pizza sad
  • seth macfarlane in tight pants
  • girl eating a bunny
  • funny textes photos (typo?)
  • mr. potato head face
  • examples of people in a friendship (ok that one's nice, i'm glad you ended up here)
  • amber hollingsworth cleaning (EXCUSE ME)
  • person licking cheeto fingers (yeah alright)
  • gwen latifah
  • let's date
yeah we'll see about that last one, googler-of-questionable-interests...