Aug 22, 2012

Girl Talk It's Girl Talk Time

Hey girls, do you know what time it is? Probably not if your man isn't around (he's the techy one!). But that's OK, it was a rhetorical question! It's Girl Talk Time, where we get together and talk about things that are important to us (girls!).

Anyway today for Girl Talk Time I have some tips for all the girls out there. We are going to discuss some pretty heavy hitting topics, so if you are squeamish, stop reading now! Don't say I didn't warn you!! ;)

Tips (No, not like in the manicure... duh!)
  1. Ladies, next time you're about to get raped, see if you can upgrade to a Legitimate Rape, and say goodbye to those pesky unwanted pregnancies!!
  2. If you are sick and tired of getting paid 20% less than the men in your office, why don't you try selling some of the things you sew? People still pay good money for quilts -- see if you can get your boyfriend or husband to set up an Etsy account or something for you and sell your quilts online! Don't forget to come up with a cute name for your online store.
  3. Finally, if you are insecure about your body type: relax! Glamour magazine recently surveyed 1,000 men and asked them what they think of women's bodies. And guess what? They like them all! Curvy like BeyoncĂ©, thin like the Olsen twins, petite like Mila Kunis, or tall like Gisele... whether your greatest asset is your boobs or your butt or your legs, there's a guy out there who's into you! Even if your body is super weird, there's probably somebody out there with a fetish for whatever's wrong with you. But most importantly: BE CONFIDENT. Guys think confident women are sexy!
Well, those are my tips. I hope I didn't make anybody feel uncomfortable talking about these "serious" issues, but as you know, girls, we can't just go shopping and eat cookie dough all day everyday!! Just most days! Hahaha jk of course. ;)

See you next time for Girl Talk Time!!!!