Nov 12, 2013


all of it
hello, thank you for your horoscope! i'm your thing, amber hollingsworth. today, if you were born, congratulations! the universe is a wonderful place to be. not many alternatives but i think you made a wise choice. good start.

if you were born another day but are still living today, do we have astrology for you! keep reading.

1) money. you need it, i need it, everybody needs it. not dogs though, which is why dogs are your spirit animal today. listen to, about, and around dogs, and you will have many money successful-like things happen or done to you.

2) love. you need it, i need it, everybody needs it. this is the simple universal truth and do not try to argue with me, i have had enough for today. if you really love me, you will just stop.

3) animals. see #1.

4) career. you need it, i need it. some other people don't but they are nicole richie and richard gere. they can just do whatever now as they already did their career and did a pretty good job of it. that's nice for them. irrelevant to you though. sorry.

5) family. i don't know much about your family. they are ok i suppose?

well, that's it! whatever you do or don't do, one thing is clear: come back!

Nov 11, 2013

short stories

once there was a little fart
sitting on a bench
in the dark
in the park.
"hey!" i yelled to the little fart,
"what are you doing
sitting on this bench
in the dark
in the park?"
the little fart turned its head to look at me, and without a noise,
disappeared into the breeze.