Nov 12, 2013


all of it
hello, thank you for your horoscope! i'm your thing, amber hollingsworth. today, if you were born, congratulations! the universe is a wonderful place to be. not many alternatives but i think you made a wise choice. good start.

if you were born another day but are still living today, do we have astrology for you! keep reading.

1) money. you need it, i need it, everybody needs it. not dogs though, which is why dogs are your spirit animal today. listen to, about, and around dogs, and you will have many money successful-like things happen or done to you.

2) love. you need it, i need it, everybody needs it. this is the simple universal truth and do not try to argue with me, i have had enough for today. if you really love me, you will just stop.

3) animals. see #1.

4) career. you need it, i need it. some other people don't but they are nicole richie and richard gere. they can just do whatever now as they already did their career and did a pretty good job of it. that's nice for them. irrelevant to you though. sorry.

5) family. i don't know much about your family. they are ok i suppose?

well, that's it! whatever you do or don't do, one thing is clear: come back!

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the lotus blossom said...

that's an awesome picture.