May 21, 2014

You can't win them all, but you *can* win...


Hi I'm Tav Gravy and this is Win That Mall, the game show where YOU can OWN A MALL.

Always wanted to revitalize a run-down neighborhood? Ever thought to yourself "That Baskin Robbins would look better over there"? Love telling punk kids NO SKATEBOARDING through the effective use of signage?

Well this is the game show for you! The rules are simple:
  • Be the first to correctly answer all 5 questions about mall culture in the U.S. ("Can you get anything other than your ears pierced at a Claire's?")
  • Successfully complete our Shopping Cart Mall Maze! The pusher wears a blindfold while the rider navigates -- just don't cross the yellow lines!
  • Present your best business plan for bringing economic growth back to the area.
Get these right, and YOU can be the RIGHTFUL OWNER of your VERY OWN MALL!

Let's meet our contestants.

*photo by an internet person named Nicholas

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