Dec 31, 2014

looking back, and then forward, and then to the side real quick because i thought i saw a bug

well, it's dec. 31. what better day to look back on the year behind you and forward to the year ahead? maybe jan. 1, but i would argue they're about equal.

anyway, this post might get a bit personal, so if you hate that kind of stuff, stop reading now. TRIGGER WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! CAUTION: SPLASH ZONE! THIS MACHINE DOES NOT ACCEPT BILLS OVER $1!

i have some stuff to be proud of in 2014. i:
  • flossed almost daily
  • joined and regularly went to the gym, like worked out in it and everything
  • took improv classes
  • traveled abroad by myself

i also decided to give up on resolutions i just don't care about, but felt like i "should" do. like my counselor once said, "stop shoulding on yourself!" therefore i will no longer try to:
  • learn to cook and stop eating out so much

because eating out is amazing.

ok! that concludes the looking back part of this blog post. now to 2015.

there are definitely some things i need to do next year. i want to:
  • pay off my credit card. i already did my budget for the year and i can totally do this.
  • write on the internet several times a week. already started. going great.
  • travel abroad by myself again (different direction).
  • stop being so mean to my skin. i think the key to this one is to stay busy and address the reasons i do this bad habit, because i really only do it when i'm super bored or sad and then i'll just stand in front of the mirror forever finding every little imperfection in my skin and "fixing" it by, you know, making it 1,000 times worse. this has felt like a big part of my life since i was a teenager so i honestly can't picture changing it now, but hey, look at those other things i did that i had never done before! things are possible, i guess?
  • continue to floss and go to the gym. (i just added this one so i could definitely cross one off next year.)

in conclusion, i'm a privileged white middle-class american.

HAPPY @)!%!!

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