Dec 27, 2014

think a little deeper

the other day i was watching a movie and i thought "oh my god, this is so symbolism!" because it was about one thing, but deep down, under one to two layers, it was actually about something else.

so today i want to talk about movies. deep movies.

i think around the holidays it's so easy to just be like "i love this movie. this popcorn needs more butter!" without taking time to think about what it all really means. and then you go get more butter and miss out on the symbolism.

in case that's happened to you, here's a quick recap of movies i can think of that had other meanings and those meanings:

1. avatar - this movie was probably actually about when white adult men go to a forest and chop it all down and see like these huge blue bugs that they've never seen before, and they're like "EW! GROSS!" and kill them with just a ton of bug spray. moral of the movie: white guys really need to stop doing that, because those bugs are actually really intelligent -- almost like humans.

2. the hunger games - just like in real life, very ugly people rule the world. maybe if we find a very beautiful person to be in charge, there will be no more suffering. moral of the movie: i nominate daisy fuentes.

3. all the batmans - all you REALLY need in life is one butler friend and one cop friend ;)

can you think of a movie that had symbolism in it? share it in the comments below, making this an interactive blog.

1 comment:

Matt Duffy said...

"Citizen Kane" -- The sled definitely symbolizes something. Also, the movie lines up perfectly with Pink Floyd's album "Animals."