Jan 13, 2015

This fall on Animal Planet

Everyone knows about Henry VIII. There are even chapters in textbooks about Henries I - VII. But very few people have heard about Henry IX.

"But I thought Henry VIII didn't have any legitimate sons!"

He didn't.


"He didn't."

You're right. But he did have a wily, rascally cat! 

Introducing: Henry IX, the cat with IX lives and just as many wives!

Tune in for adventures like: 

  • Henry IX tricks Cardinal Woolsey (a cardinal) into being his friend, then eats him!
  • Henry IX gets locked out of his castle overnight and sires 900 kittens — all female!
  • Henry IX orders the beheading of his wife, CATherine.

Critics call Henry IX "a show that practically writes itself" and "full of cats." We tried to get one of them to say "meow-velous!" but they refused.

Catch Henry IX Thursdays at 9/8 central, right after The Dogtors.

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