Feb 12, 2015

american zodiac signs

according to the chinese zodiac, i'm a rooster. but i've never really felt like a rooster -- they make great lawyers and maintain immaculately clean houses. LOL. i was just wondering where i could buy plates at this time of night so i wouldn't have to wash the entire set resting in my sink.

but then i realized why i don't feel like a rooster: i'm not chinese! what i need is an american zodiac system to tell me exactly who i am. so i made one. mine only has 10 years instead of 12 for simpler math.

New American Zodiac

  • 1980 - newborn baby kitten: represents just how cute and cuddly you are! you may have trouble seeing things at first.
  • 1981 (me!) - pink fairy armadillo: people laugh at you -- you're so funny! -- but many forget you are actually very sensitive under that tough (yet beautiful) pink shell of yours.
  • 1982 - wombat: you like to dig holes and spend your time in them. you do not gather soil in your backwards-facing pouch, figuratively speaking.
  • 1983 - octopus: you are so freaky. how are you even real? omg stop.
  • 1984 - walrus: you are the life of the party. seriously, think about if a walrus showed up at your party. you'd be like whoa let's go hang out with that guy.
  • 1985 - ostrich: you would give anything to fly.
  • 1986 - chupacabra: you're kind of a loner. people might like you more if you quit it with the goat's blood.
  • 1987 - the lobster from little mermaid: you are such a great singer! a little uptight though.
  • 1988 - mini shetland pony: basically everybody wants you.
  • 1989 - axolotl: your youthful appearance and ability to regrow almost all your body parts makes you a real catch! haha get it? because you live in the water.
well i hope you're happy with your new american zodiac sign. i worked on this for about an hour so it's pretty legit.

note: i am aware there is a native american "zodiac" or totem animals -- this list is not meant to disregard or replace that. in fact, today i found out in some native american cultures, i'm a red fox!

"You incorporate a sense of play into the tribal community that is vital. Without your levity and high energy your clansmen would be left deflated. You bolster those around you by encouraging laughter, teamwork and a sense of camaraderie. You can be fickle and flighty in your intellectual pursuits which often leads you back to playful tricks and antics. You are endearing and lovable, but to a point."

isn't that SO ME, you guys?!

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