Jun 28, 2016

drinking in .5 increments

if you're an avid ambericaonline reader, you may have noticed in my last few posts i mentioned drinking 1.5 or 2.5 beverages containing alcohol. some might say it's not professional to post about such things online, but let me explain.

growing up, drinking was bad, period. i didn't drink alcohol until i turned 21, so that at least it was legal (if morally corrupt). but what i found is drinking's only bad if you do bad things as a result, or if it's not really in your control, which can have negative consequences. this probably seems very duh to a lot of you, but growing up super christian means you have a lot of painfully obvious epiphanies 15-20 years after everyone else.

anyway i'm fortunate that i don't have an issue with either of those things, and i'm pretty deliberate about when and how i drink. i take my fun VERY seriously. but i like the way it makes my thoughts feel, which is why i end up sharing them online after 1.5 to 2.5 units consumed.

that's all to say don't worry, employers/parents. the worst thing that'll happen when i drink is i'll post some amaaaaazing videos to my blog! and eternal damnation.

this is also to say that i've been thinking about blogging more about regular life thoughts, not just funny ones. it would look kind of like this. eh? what the hell.

sorry, "what the heck."


even though your name sounds like a 15-year-old's, you are an adult and a professional.

here are two random videos i found on youtube to celebrate your birthday with:

Jun 27, 2016

facebook friends: a review

it's been almost 5 years since i filmed this, and i'm not even friends with half these people anymore so i feel safe sharing it.

and i honestly cannot figure out who named their kid woody.