Dec 3, 2019

in the market

Amber L. Hollingsworth
Humble woman who wishes to make woolen socks for the village

Dear companion,

I have heard of your need for an employee. I hope my desire to provide for the village and my strong, reliable forearms make me worthy of your review.

My family are good people – not proud – and you may often find them toiling alongside me til sunset.

While I have no official experience making woolen socks, I am patient, and I will learn.

Most importantly, I will raise my sheep with care.

The socks will not be good at first. But I ask you for this opportunity: Provide the sheep, and a sturdy table to work upon, and I shall produce socks of increasing quality until all the villagers are satisfied, their feet dry and protected.

This is my application. I vigilantly await your response.

Amber L. Hollingsworth

Aug 29, 2019

watch AMBER'S CORNER from the beginning!

a couple months ago i posted a quick video to instagram. little did i know it would turn into the worldwide phenomenon known as amber's corner. see where it all began, and the 18 videos since, and if you aren't following me on instagram for live updates i think you should do that: ambericaonline (it's a brand).

here you go: