Dec 3, 2019

in the market

Amber L. Hollingsworth
Humble woman who wishes to make woolen socks for the village

Dear companion,

I have heard of your need for an employee. I hope my desire to provide for the village and my strong, reliable forearms make me worthy of your review.

My family are good people – not proud – and you may often find them toiling alongside me til sunset.

While I have no official experience making woolen socks, I am patient, and I will learn.

Most importantly, I will raise my sheep with care.

The socks will not be good at first. But I ask you for this opportunity: Provide the sheep, and a sturdy table to work upon, and I shall produce socks of increasing quality until all the villagers are satisfied, their feet dry and protected.

This is my application. I vigilantly await your response.

Amber L. Hollingsworth

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