Nov 17, 2020

iOS 14.2, an exhibit

The ambericaonline gallery welcomes iOS 14.2, a series by phone artist Amber Hollingsworth that explores the relationship between the temporary, the permanent, the self, and a wedge of cheese under a box. Showing now through whenever the internet goes away.

Touched by the Majesty of Nature

Olive Surprise

Can't Fool a Giraffe

Where Pita Bread Comes From

Visiting a Friend

Contact the artist for a price sheet. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Nov 9, 2020

Really cool ending for a courtroom-style TV show

(Free to use, just put my name in the credits please.)

[20 minutes of regular court stuff happens, like detectives walking around a murder scene, an investigation in a little cement room where someone slaps the table, the prosecutor is a real asshole, the defense lawyer is flawed but her heart's in the right place, and we forgive her flaws because we saw some of the things she's dealt with over her lifetime in some previous episodes, etc.]

Just as the Judge is about to bang her gavel, a woman in a suit and heels runs in and whispers into the Defense Lawyer's ear.


"Your honor, I've just received some new information that will basically blow all of your socks off."

PROSECUTOR, looking super bitchy



"Ignored! I want to hear this new information. And it better be good -- I was just about to do my favorite part of my job." Points to gavel.


"Oh, it is. You saw how fast my assistant ran in here. She wasn't just asking what I want on my Jimmy Johns sub." 

Looks at jury, jury smiles and nods their heads, they are hungry too. Defense lawyer winks.


"Your honor! I saw that."

JUDGE, real fast




Jury laughs, Judge winks. Prosecutor is all pissed off now.


"I'm just kidding. I like to have a little fun in my court. Anyway, tell us this news!"


"Your honor, I just received word that my client couldn't possibly have committed the crime in question. You see, my client DIED three weeks ago! He is a ghost!"

Everyone gasps, one juror drops her Jimmy Johns sub.


"This is outrageous! I can see the defendant right there!"


"Oh, CAN you?" Gestures to defendant, who starts to go see-through.



Quick flashback to different scenes in the show. We realize the defendant hasn't said a word in three weeks, but we just thought it was because he was sad.

Judge is about to bang her gavel again.

PROSECUTOR, furiously looking through her notes

"WAIT! You said he died three weeks ago. Well the murder happened three weeks and one day ago! Just because he's dead doesn't mean he didn't do the murder!"

Jurors raise their eyebrows like "good point." Defense lawyer is caught off guard, starts looking through her notes for a calendar, looks over at assistant who is standing by the door. Assistant shrugs.


"Dang it, you guys! It doesn't even matter! The law says you can't convict a ghost because they would just slide right through the prison bars!"

Everyone looks back at the defendant, who is now disappearing through the wall with a pretty guilty look on his face. Defense lawyer is like "omg did he do it??" to herself. But she's pretty sure he didn't -- maybe he was just feeling guilty about not telling anyone he died earlier. It's hard to read ghosts' expressions.

DEFENSE LAWYER, to Prosecutor

"I guess no one wins this case. Though, I win it a little bit more than you because my guy is free."

Prosecutor pushes folders off the table and storms out, more pissed than ever.

JUDGE, banging gavel (finally)

"I declare this trial SO WEIRD." Jury chuckles a little bit.



The Defense Lawyer is at the local bar with her assistant and some other people from the office. The bartender hands her her drink, and she accidentally brushes his hand with hers when she reaches for it.


"Whoa, your hand is so cold!"

She looks up at the bartender and he is the ghost from earlier. He winks at her.



Oct 30, 2020

i am but a vessel

last night, i was within 12 blocks of a taco bell and my stomach was already a mess, which can't be considered anything other than "a sign."

so i pulled into the drive-thru, got my meal, and parked in the relatively empty parking lot. i was a few bites in when a car weirdly pulled up behind mine, angled slightly to the left but with its headlights pointed toward my side mirror. the car stopped and... just sat there.

at first i thought they must be counting their fire sauce packets or checking to make sure the chips weren't fried in the same fryer as the cinnamon twists, giving them that unsettling yet intriguing sweet crunch. but they sat there long enough to do both and then some. again, this was a mostly empty lot -- i was parked in a spot, but the car was just behind me, waiting, running, with the headlights on.

it was then i realized i may die here, and while i wasn't ready to go, i had to admit, that would've been pretty classic amber. me, halfway through a beefy 5-layer supreme, mariah carey's greatest hits on high vol, googling "carrot parrot" to see if anyone had made a carrot look like a parrot yet (they have). i wouldn't have died doing what i love, but you could say i died doing exactly what i wanted. and that's a form of love.

eventually the car drove off and i lived to tell you about it (even after finishing the beefy 5-layer supreme). but in that moment, i learned something that i'll carry with me for the rest of my life:


Always Be Ready.

/Add Beans + Rice.

we don't get to decide when we go, but we do get to live in a way that won't leave us filled with regret/will leave us filled with beans and rice. and i'm starting to think i was put within 12 blocks of a taco bell with pre-diarrhea last night for a reason -- to share this story, and this revelation, with you.



Oct 24, 2020

to bee or not to bee: a question

do you ever forget to post to your blog for like years? that's ok. it doesn't mean anything bad about you, we've all just been busy. busy busy little bees. buzzing around to our flowers (cubicles) and collecting pollen (emails) to turn into honey (money). and as soon as we've got just enough honey to see us through the winter, some asshole in a big white suit and gloves comes and takes it from us. back to the flowers it is.

but this post isn't about bees, though i did do some fascinating research on did you know insert bees fact here? crazy, huh?

no, this post is about art, and why a person might do it sometimes but not others, and if that's ok or not. i mean, the world is dang hard, so just do what you can i say. but also what if you're SUPPOSED to make things for the world -- what if there's a REASON you're who you are right now right here? ::accidentally makes jerk-off gesture instead of gesturing toward entire world, realizes it about mid-way through first pump but it's too late, can't transition from that gesture to the world gesture -- that would look way worse, so completes jerk-off gesture and keeps talking like meant to all along::

and what if the reasons you give for not creating stuff are exactly the reasons the man in the big white suit wants you to give, because it works better for him if you just keep sending emails sending emails sending emails while he takes your money?

what if the ONLY way to live in the kind of world ::makes correct gesture this time, good job:: you want to live in is to MAKE stuff, not as a bee but as a human bee-ing. [god this presentation is going so well.]

look i don't really know for sure, but i think maybe that's true and that is why i am writing this blog post. and i'm gonna keep writing blog posts until i figure it out, and then i'll let ya know. so thank you and i love you, and i'll see you back here again soon.

how am i supposed to remember this?