Nov 17, 2020

iOS 14.2, an exhibit

The ambericaonline gallery welcomes iOS 14.2, a series by phone artist Amber Hollingsworth that explores the relationship between the temporary, the permanent, the self, and a wedge of cheese under a box. Showing now through whenever the internet goes away.

Touched by the Majesty of Nature

Olive Surprise

Can't Fool a Giraffe

Where Pita Bread Comes From

Visiting a Friend

Contact the artist for a price sheet. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.


PDT Scott said...

A tour de force!

TJ said...

I love how your work interrogates the intersection of technology and nature through a feminist lens. A dialectic, if you will, between late-stage capitalism and the chaotic universe where human meaning is destroyed by wild animals. Is social media the death of culture or is culture the death of social media? Are the viewer or the subject?

Louis Proctor said...

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