Jan 26, 2021

"Just Cabbage": An interview with Amber Hollingsworth

We're here today with Amber Hollingsworth, author of the new game-changing cookbook, Just Cabbage, which introduces readers to a world of recipes composed of just cabbage.

Amber, tell us, what inspired you to write this book?

A: Well, I was looking at a cabbage and thought, "This is food." I considered adding other ingredients to the recipes but why make things more difficult than they need to be? Just eat the cabbage.

Without giving away the whole book, how many different ways are there to eat a cabbage?

A: Gosh, almost endless. You can cut it up, you can bite into it like a big apple. Peel it. I mean those are just three ways off the top of my head right now.

Some might say your methods here are unorthodox. Flipping through this book, it's mostly just pictures of a cabbage, sometimes a rather amateur drawing of a cabbage, and a few lines of text saying things like "Go ahead and eat the cabbage." What do you say to your critics who claim this actually isn't a cookbook at all?

A: I would say I printed a bunch out and you can pick one up from my house if you email me ahead of time. How is that not a cookbook?

Thank you for joining us. 

Just Cabbage is now available in paper (not paperback -- it has no covers) by emailing amberhollingsworthjustcabbagecookbook@realcookbooks.biz.

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