A writer and editor
who likes to have a nice time.

My first newsletter was about whales. I created it on our family's brand new word processor, printed about two dozen copies, and delivered them to mailboxes up and down Russell Ave. in Worland, WY. Ever since then, readers have been clamoring for an Amber Hollingsworth original newsletter.

Over the decades, I've built a career writing about neat things in healthcare, research, engineering, and more. I've edited publications for the National Park Service and U.S. Department of the Interior. And because I just can't stop, I still print funny little newsletters on my home printer and deliver them to mailboxes across the country (ask me about The Daily Dodger).

Take a look at some of my writing samples and editing projects, and reach out if I can help you with words of any kind. 

My favorite topics are nature, people who care deeply, and silly geese.